Hi, welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I have creating it. If you would like to purchase anything hit on the Zazzle icon and go directly to my Zazzle page, There you'll find all kinds of products that I chose to place images of my art on. A fun place to shop.

A little about me, I'm an Artist, art teacher and retired social worker, I like to refer to myself as "A Creative". I've lived in San Jose, Ca. for over 25 years. My art centers on relationships, inspired by the way we relate to one another, in family, community and environment.

My art consists of paintings, printmaking and drawings. I believe art to be a creative expression of one’s soul that can assist in human transformation and healing, therefore I believe teaching to be a natural progression of “doing “art. That's why I use the word "Creative" We are all creative beings, we just use different methods and media.

I also do portraits by commission and I'm available for workshops and classes on drawing and monoprinting.

I have shown in and around the San Jose Area, The Trition Museum of Art, The Euphrat Gallery, De Anza College, Palo Alto Art Center and the San Jose City Hall. I have taught children's classes at DeAnza College, Mountain View School of Music and Art, and The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment. and the Art of Yoga Project

Have fun looking at the art, Be Inspired!

Portraits by Joyce