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On Mother's Day, May 12, 2013, I was invited and participated in my first vendor art show that took place during an event hosted by a local church. There were about 2 to 300 people, including children. There were 4 other vendors besides myself along with a fantastic jazz band, dj and singers. The entire event was great.
Being that this was my first attempt at vending I chose to buy items from my Zazzle page to display and sale. I think I made the right choice. I displayed 6 drawings and paintings and had posters of some of the paintings for sale along with some practical items like, fridge magnets, coffee mugs and greeting cards. I chose to feature my two latest drawings, When Praises go Up and The prayers of the Righteous. I had posters of both along with posters of "A Storms Comming" which I re-titled for this show, Look to the Hills, The Guardian and Dancing in the Moonlight.
Everything went well, I sold $108.00 worth of posters and products, so I covered my $50.00 entry fee and over. I did spend more than that on the products and I do hope I'll have another opportunity to vend. While there I passed some down time sketching the musicians,and gave the sketch to the musician who was thrilled and in turn bought three or four items. I think I'll add that for the next time. The conversations at these events are always great, I met two women who have a preschool and talked to me about doing a workshop with their kids and another person who suggested that I look into having a show at the Rosecrucian Museum, where she is a member. This was sparked by my use of the Eastern Star in the two featured drawings. I put out paper for an email list, included everyone in my email contacts and sent a "thank you" email. I love this journey I'm on, it's never to late to try something new.

Mother's Day Art Show and Sale