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I was inspired to create "When Praises Go Up" when I decided to visit a church other than the one I normally attend. When I entered, the congregation was in the midst of their praise service. I was awestruck by the energy, the singing, dancing, young women jogging through the isles with banners and flags, praising God. I wanted to hold on to that moment forever and share it with everyone I knew. That was the conception of this drawing. I joined in the praise. While singing and watching, I could imagine a dove hovering over the service, as the story depicts, the dove resting on the Christ at his baptism. Thus the colors in the drawing depict the energy of the service. the bird above depicts the Holy Spirit, the colors are symbolic of the chakras the energy stations of the body, as well as, the colors of women of the Eastern Star, the star that led the wise men to the birth of the Christ. This drawing allows me to share my experience with you. The price listed is for a fine art print, the original is not yet for sell,contact me by email if you choose to order a print. Thank you.

Praises is a drawing that was inspired by praise dancing, The vivid colors symbolize energy, movement and music, the dove above is symbolic of the Christ, peace and love.
When Praises Go Up
Graphite and color pencil